Is Your Family Prepared for the Future?

Speak With An Estate Planning Attorney In Centreville, Lanham, Or Crofton MD To Be Sure

If something were to happen to you today, would your family know how to handle your estate tomorrow? Without careful estate planning, they might not even get to make those decisions. Instead, the court could decide what happens to your assets.

The Law Offices of Ronald B. Greene can help you make sure your assets go to their intended beneficiaries. We offer comprehensive estate planning services in the Prince George’s County area. You can trust an estate planning attorney from our law firm to help you draft your will.

Call us today to collaborate with an experienced estate planning attorney in Centreville, Lanham, or Crofton MD. Worried about facing health care problems as you age? The Law Offices of Ronald B. Greene can also help you set up advance health care directives, living wills and powers of attorney.

Give Your Family The Gift Of Guidance
You can choose the same estate planning attorney you work with to become your family’s probate attorney once you’re gone. An experienced probate attorney can:

  • Help the executor fulfill their duties
  • Explain your wishes and intentions to your loved ones
  • Reduce the likelihood of conflict between beneficiaries
  • Minimize the time your family must spend in court

To learn more about the benefits of hiring a probate attorney in Centreville, Lanham, or Crofton MD, call us today. You can schedule a consultation at your convenience.